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Testimonial (part 1):

My 2 TB, 3/4 million file archive is very valuable to me because it contains a lifetime of creative work, as well as evidence and court documents showing that criminal court in California is a farce and sham and itself a criminal organization. To ensure that I do not lose the archive, I have kept multiple copies of it on external hard disk drives stored in multiple locations. After noticing corruption in several old image files several years ago, I started healing the archive using a batch file that uses the "fc" (file compare) command. That batch file is the predecessor of the current IdeaFarm (tm) Archive Healer, which I wrote to improve performance and to handle an arbitrary number of devices. Recently, I had twelve devices that each had a copy of the archive. Before running IdeaFarm (tm) Archive Healer on those twelve devices, I was confident that I had twelve good copies of my valuable archive. While IdeaFarm (tm) Archive Healer worked, I inspected the trace file and noticed that exceptions were occurring occasionally on one or two of the devices. Whenever I saw an exception trace, I would stop Healer, remove the offending device, and restart Healer. To my surprise and dismay, this quickly reduced the number of devices to five. Healer healed those five devices with no problem; there weren't any more exceptions and Healer completed its work. So at that point I had five copies that contained exactly the same thing and that I thought were on five devices that were reliable.