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The number of archives, number of files in each archive, and size of each file are limited only by available device space. (There must be enough free space to store sorted lists of file names.) The number of volumes that can be healed is limited only by the availability of device letters between 'a' and 'z'. If Windows sees devices for which no media is present, you must either insert media or use Computer Management to remove the device letter for that device. On each volume, each archive must be a folder (with any name) within a folder with the name "X:\ideafarm.archives", where X is the Windows device letter. Each archive folder must contain "year folders" with names such as "2023". Each year folder must contain only files; any folders will be ignored. When a new file is added, or an existing file is updated, the addition or replacement must be done in at least two volumes and, for replacement, the "time modified" must be at least 15 minutes newer.