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IdeaFarm (tm) City

IdeaFarm (tm) City is an experiment and a demostration. On the Internet of today, anonymous persons can do evil with no accountability, while persons who are not anonymous can be hunted down and harmed. Identifiability encourages and facilitates some kinds of evil, while anonymity encourages and facilitates other kinds of evil. IdeaFarm (tm) City is an experiment and a demonstration of an approach to reducing both kinds of evil. In IdeaFarm (tm) City, each "identity" is both completely anonymous and completely accountable.

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You are viewing an IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree. IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees present plain text in a tree organization rather than in the conventional "linear" organization. Conventional text is read from beginning to end. An IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree is read by "climbing" up into the tree. Within an IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Tree, each sentence is called a "branch". Climbing is done by clicking on a branch (sentence) for more detail. The branch (sentence) that you click will be the title of the page that appears. To "climb down" out of detail, click "down1" or "down2".

Give yourself a minute to try this by clicking on branches (sentences) within this paragraph. In IdeaFarm (tm) City, all textual (and other) information is presented using IdeaFarm (tm) Knowledge Trees. Learn to read them by climbing up into, and exploring, the following branches. Note that "branch 3" cannot be selected. The green vertical line at the end of each branch (sentence) indicates that you can "climb up" into that branch. When you do so, the green line will become red. When you click on the italicized first sentence of a paragraph, you will "climb up" one level. When you click on a detail sentence (any sentence other than the first), you will "climb up" two levels. Branch 1. Branch 2. Branch 3. Branch 4.